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Outsourcing HR

Posted On: 19/02/2019

In-house or outsource?  That’s a question which can only be answered by you.  To help you with that decision allow us to highlight the benefits of outsourcing your HR function.

Businesses looking to outsource HR will base their decision on varying factors unique to them.  Many may look to HR professionals to support them with a recruitment campaign, to carry out psychometric testing once a year, others may look for training guidance when needed, some seek answers on the end of a phone while others may outsource all of their HR function.  It’s clear to see that employing an external HR company who is flexible in their approach is hugely important.

We understand that relinquishing control is a factor which can stop an organisation reaching out and asking for external support, but actually the reverse is true.  Working alongside a team of HR professionals who share your goal can give you back even more control.  Outsourcing this complex function can be a very smart move as it adds value to organisations, frees up time to allow management to focus on their core business and support growth strategies.

HR Function

It’s more than hiring, firing, compliance and payroll. 

Today, more than ever, HR experts support employers with their workplace culture and loyalty as the role has become more strategic and collaborative.  Businesses who allow external HR experts to navigate them through the complexities of employee engagement and retention thrive with this added knowledge.    

Outsourcing Benefits

  1. Cost saving. Outsourcing HR frees up valuable office space with the added benefit of no overhead expenses related to in-house teams.  Having access to up to date knowledge of employment law will prevent any fines heading your way.  Plus, companies who don’t need a HR professional on a regular basis will only pay for this service when needed.
  1. Skills and knowledge. Tapping into the experience of an expert can be invaluable. Using their excellent knowledge and their fresh ideas can help organisations grow in strength.  Companies who outsource their HR take comfort knowing that the professional working alongside them will be fully trained and qualified.              
  1. Time saving and efficiencies. Leaving the role of HR to the experts will free up valuable time to dedicate to improving the efficiency of your employees.  And as many businesses have experienced it only takes one troublesome individual to take up a vast amount of time – allow a professional to deal with this with the advantage of not being closely linked.         
  1. Risk management. Understanding the ins and outs of all things HR from employment laws to pensions can be a headache to anyone not immersed in this world every day. HR professionals will keep their knowledge up to date to ensure organisations comply for their peace of mind while protecting the interests of the workforce.  
  1. Employee engagement & development. It has been widely researched and proven that pay is now no longer enough to retain talented staff.  Putting together strategies to support retention and growth in line with a company’s goals can be extremely time consuming and if you’re not experienced in this arena then the impact could be disastrous.  HR professionals can work with you to create an enviable workplace culture.


    The issues which support a company’s aims include:

      • training and development
      • employee engagement programmes
      • leadership and management development
      • performance management
      • health and wellbeing
      • reward and benefit packages
  1. Recruitment and selection. Getting the recruitment process wrong can be extremely costly.  HR professionals highly experienced in recruitment will be able to prepare the perfect advert avoiding any discrimination and one that promotes your brand.  They will screen all applicants on your behalf and conduct telephone interviews before providing a short-list of the most suitable candidates.  Support will also be given on the best interview techniques to make sure you get it right first time.  In addition, there will be no bias throughout the process.

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