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Creating A Digitally Aware Workforce

Posted On: 29/08/2019

Today’s successful businesses take an employee centric approach to the digital workplace.  Digital enables change, it revolutionises the way organisations operate, it supports decision making, it enhances communication channels and more.

Some companies may consider digital to be a new way to engage with their customers, others see digital as a new way to run their business and there may be others who have another perspective.  A business must have a clear understanding of what digital means to them and how it can drive that business forward in a meaningful and sustainable way while considering the people who will be using the digital tools required to achieve the business’ goals.

A digital culture

It has been recently reported that 33% of key decision makers believe that culture is the biggest barrier to digital effectiveness and 25% state that the barrier is due to a lack of understanding of digital trends within the workforce.

To cultivate a digital culture a workplace must embed digital from the top-down and inform, engage and empower employees to develop a digital mind-set. An organisation can achieve this by communicating the benefits of digital and how it positively impacts the company, the employee and the customer. 

In addition, consulting with your employees will boost their buy-in.  Collaborations through regular meetings and asking for feedback will provide invaluable insights, identify training and development needs and increase morale.

Many businesses will witness reluctance from some individuals who are uncomfortable with the transition to a more digital workplace.  Do not assume the reasons why this might be and engage with them to understand the reasons for the resistance. 

Tools for a digital workplace

There is a vast array of choice for the modern business, most digital tools have been designed to improve employee experience and increase productivity. The tools a company chooses will depend on their size, their infrastructure and the product or service they offer. Here are just some examples:

Knowledge and understanding

Many employees will have a natural grasp for digital processes and the digital tools available, but for others their understanding varies considerably.  This summer it has been estimated that between now and 2024 90% of the workforce will need basic skills at the very least, eg using email and the company’s software.

An organisation should:

Be Confident with Risk 

Without doubt there will be some employees who fear digital and as such are resistant to change. You only have to listen to the news to hear about a company who has suffered huge losses through a cyber-attack or the consequences of a senior manager leaving a laptop, containing sensitive data, on a train.  There has been a rise in the number of employees using their own devices for work purposes too which brings an element of risk to an organisation. 

To overcome these fears organisations must educate their workforce.   

Senior management must take particular notice of these policies and procedures as they are most likely to be targeted.

We’re here to help

If your business needs support to create a more digitally aware workforce, please get in touch. We can help with surveys to identify obstacles, support you with the creation of policies and provide you with a safe and easy to use HR system.  Give our friendly team of HR professionals a call on 0161 941 2426 today.

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