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Top Team Building Tips

Posted On: 22/05/2018

All good businesses have the potential to become great businesses - they have talented and experienced employees but imagine the benefits of developing and enhancing these skills further. With effective team building the workforce will strengthen, resulting in increased profitability, the confidence to deliver a competitive advantage and the ability to manage risk successfully.

Solid teams are the building blocks of any organisation, big or small. With encouragement to be the best they can, teams can benefit from renewed focus, enhanced relations, increased trust, a greater sense of loyalty and improved communication.

Top Tips To Accelerate Success Through Effective Team Building

Encourage clear and effective communication. Without communication any team will fall apart, no matter how skilled and experienced they are. The workforce must be encouraged to remain open to suggestions, respectfully listen to the concerns of others, ask relevant questions and give clear instructions. The management in all businesses must lead by example and demonstrate what good communication looks like by ensuring all employees feel valued and that their voices are being heard.

Establish trust, collaboration and cooperation. ‘Team work makes the dream work’ - this saying is like ‘marmite’ you either love it or hate it; but it’s true. Relationships within the workforce are crucial and management should continually identify the way colleagues interact with each other. Only by recognising behaviours can you pinpoint any key areas of improvement and act on this before potential conflicts arise.

Have regular updates. It’s good to talk and even better to share. Individuals should be encouraged to provide updates on the projects they are involved in, what their contribution is and any problems they are facing. This sharing of information will lead team members to support each other, become more understanding of each other’s role and solidifies the part they play towards the business goals. Team meetings are a great place for everyone to provide these valuable updates.

Celebrate your successes. This is often neglected but has a very important part to play in the importance of recognising good team work - not to mention great for morale. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or a new look to your brand, it’s essential to look back at how it was accomplished and what everyone did to make it a success. Have fun as a team – you deserve it!

Delegate.There’s no I in team’ – another phrase that is met with either a smile or a groan; but again, it’s true. Managers who truly understand the strengths of their teams will be able to assign roles successfully. This has a positive effect as it increases morale, confidence, the productivity of employees and instils the important benefits of team work.

Embed company values and goals. The values of a company should be embedded into the workplace culture, returned to constantly and reflected in all decisions. All employees should act with purpose and integrity to reflect their company’s core values.

Provide feedback. To work effectively, team members need to receive feedback on what they are doing well and what they need to improve on. Feedback is an essential tool to help employees to perform at their best as individuals and within their team.

Encourage debate. Imagine if an employee has a great idea but afraid to speak out? Not a great thought is it, but it’s all too common in the workplace. Through successful idea-generating sessions where no response is criticised or rejected, everyone should feel comfortable to relay their beliefs, ideas and opinions. Being part of a team who has come together to provide a balanced and well-thought-out solution, based on the recommendations of others, will increase trust, confidence and give a greater feeling of job satisfaction.

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Here at P3 People Management we understand that situations can arise from time to time which have a negative impact on a team. We can help you implement a programme based on your requirements; here are some of our programmes to help your teams get back on track, allowing them to perform at their best.

If you want more information on our training and development programmes, or wish to discuss any issues raised in this blog, please get in touch.

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