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HR Systems: People Analytics & HR Technology

Posted On: 21/05/2019

The role of HR is continually evolving and it’s fair to say that today’s HR professionals have to wear many hats.  Their responsibilities include payroll, recruitment, retention, absence management, performance issues – the list goes on. 

Using technology and people analytics allows an organisation of any size to interpret, identify and act on trends resulting in a highly efficient workforce. 

These data-driven disciplines ensure companies get to know their employees as well as they understand their customers.  Introducing a specialised HR system is smart working.

How HR Technology and Analytics relate to your bottom line?

Successful businesses have access to all their people-related data allowing them to engage and manage their workforce more effectively whilst saving time and reducing risk. 

Here are seven reasons why you should consider implementing a HR system or even upgrade your existing one.

  1. Improves efficiency. At the start of this blog we alluded to the numerous roles carried out by a HR team, many of which are incredibly laborious.  Implementing self-service functionalities such as annual leave approval and updating personal details will have an immediate impact. Businesses can also automate tasks, for instance, giving management approval to an annual performance review.  The introduction of this way of working affords HR teams and management with extra time to increase their engagement with the workforce.
  1. Gives a greater employee experience. Imagine how your workforce would feel if ‘sending in forms’ became a thing of the past? User-friendly and speedy technology can replace the need for most paperwork. Outside of the workplace we are used to using tablets and phones to book holidays, order items and check on their progress.  Introducing this familiar technology to your organisation will empower your employees, plus their perception of HR will be transformed. 
  1. Takes care of compliance. Storing data centrally allows businesses to successfully manage their compliance related activities ensuring tasks don’t get missed.  This visibility enables companies to set automated reminders for issues such as mandatory training and provides clarity over payroll, benefits, risk and safety, GDPR and recruitment.  And if your organisation has over 250 employees a HR system can even help you produce your gender pay gap report. 
  1. Encourages better communication. Technology can improve the way organisations communicate with their employees.  Messages can be relayed to workforces via many methods including emails, texts and messaging apps.  
  1. Strengthens your recruitment strategy. Job seekers turn to their phones to seek out their next move.  Technology in the form of online recruitment and online applicant tracking systems have changed the way companies recruit, reducing the time spent on recruitment campaigns.  Thankfully, gone are the days spent sifting through cover letters and CVs looking for keywords.  Analytics will identify the ‘right-fit’ applicants from a company’s evaluation criteria. 
  1. Helps organisations make better evidence-based decisions. Having accurate live data enables companies to analyse key employee performance metrics such as skills, experience, performance, productivity and wellbeing.  Linking people-based data with business objectives is crucial for the planning and development of future strategies. 
  1. Saves you money. Not only will accurate data prevent your business from making costly errors, but the time saved can be put towards more strategic projects. 

Creating an enviable workplace culture 

People analytics should be used in line with your company values.  The live data available can help your business recognise trends which need addressing, or just as importantly they can identify trends that need celebrating. 

We would recommend regularly reviewing the following data to ensure you are delivering on employee experiences: retention, sickness levels, annual leave taken, pay awards (are they in line with their peers?), engagement and job satisfaction scores, diversity metrics and performance review outcomes.

Is your data secure?

Just like paper files that need to be locked in a cabinet to keep its contents confidential, HR systems need to remain secure at all times too.  Make sure your organisation has a trusted and robust security process which also dictates who can have access.

We’re Here To Help 

Here at P3 People Management we are proud to offer ‘My HR Partner’, our end to end automated HR data management system.  This easy to use, comprehensive system gives you direct record access and the ability to generate live reports allowing you to deal with HR issues effectively and quickly.  For your peace of mind ‘My HR Partner’ is secure with a variety of permission levels.

If you would like more information on our HR Information System, or would like a no obligation demo, simply give our friendly team a call today on 0161 941 2426.

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“In an ever-changing business environment, we at Crest Medical are keen to focus on developing our business commercially to be a best in class provider to our target markets of first aid, hospitals, pharma and retail. We know that to achieve our goals we need to deliver for our staff by recruiting the best talent, giving them the opportunity and working environment to make a difference. As the business environment changes so does best practice for employing, directing and motivating our staff. To be best in class we know that we need specialist advice and support in continually developing our HR practices and processes. P3 People Management provide that support. We have built a business with more than 100 members of staff and £50m in turnover in a little over 10 years, P3 People Management’s support has been a critical component of our success. If you are looking for professional, flexible HR support for your business I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. ”

A Maxwell - Managing Director

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