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Am I going to be tied into a lengthy contract with P3?

No. We understand that business needs change. Our initial terms are for 12 months only. We are happy to review your priorities and business plans with you allowing you to decide what level of support you need at that point in time. If you just have a one-off project then we can help with that too.

I'd like some element of onsite support to pick up the bits and pieces that build up - can you do this?

Yes. We can agree a regular day or we can be avalable as and when you need us.  We are there for those difficult conversations, to coach managers and to ensure you are maximising the potential of your people. Being onsite also enables us to help resolve any disgruntlements before they become real problems.

We have a very informal relaxed culture and empower managers to manage in their own style - are you going to ask us to go through lengthy formal processes?

It is great to hear that you empower your managers!  Our objective is to achieve resolution to people management problems through an informal and collaborative approach. However, there are times when the formal processes are necessary for the protection of you and your people - we implement these as quickly as possible and with dignity and respect for all parties. 

My objectives are to minimise the risk of claims and associated expensive legal costs - can you meet these needs?

Yes we can. Our advice is insurance backed thus giving you protection in the event of any claims. Peace of mind!

We have an internal HR resource but with 100 staff and ambitious growth plans we have other issues we also need to address and no clear HR strategy in place. Can you help?

Yes many of our clients have some internal resource for HR and we are an extension to that, working alongside and in support of them.  Our aim is to improve your business strategically whilst guiding and advising on the day to day implementation of you current practices.

After a large scale restructure last year we need to focus on improving performance for individuals and teams - we need to do more with less. How can you help?

We have a wealth of experience in this area; helping people through the change process, engagaing them with the future business plans.  We would define a clear project plan, which would include clarity around job roles, skills gap analysis, process review, KPIs and a simple framework for managing performance through to identifying high potential performers for the future.  We also find individual and team profiling beneficial for improving communication and team effectiveness. 

We have always done the traditional appraisals and they've been ok but I want to introduce something new and different and a bit more engaging that fits with our culture?

Well done for doing some form of appraisal already, thats great! We would look at what that process is currently giving you and then, in consideration of your business needs, culture and values, create a frameowrk to suit you. 360 degree appraisals are a great way of developing leadership and management teams especially folllowing or planning a period of change. 

We manage our people well, we just need someone at the end of the phone to call when we need some advice - what can you do for us?

We have a dedicated advice line and you will be allocated a HR Adviser. We guide and coach you and your managers through all the typical day to day employment issues you may face - focusing on what you can do, not what you can't. This is a cost effective way to ensure you get commercial, straight forward and practical advice, whilst remaining complaint with legislation.

What Our Clients Say

“"A small organisation making big changes wanting calm and clear support on how to deliver a restructure programme: P3 supported us on all elements; with a timetable of activity for Board so they felt confident all steps were in place and importantly all staff were considered and supported; process roll-out guidance; production of letters for staff; 1:1 support for me, the MD, as we handled the emotional and personal challenges that any restructure generates, as most importantly it's about people. Thank you P3"”


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