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Posted On: 08/05/2017

It’s been a busy week at P3 People Management towers! And, as always, the team has been looking at what’s happening in the industry at large, to keep you up to speed with key developments in the sector.


The HRDirector 

Three deadly sins of remote working

With flexible working practices fast becoming the norm, it’s important for companies to be remote-access aware.  Enabling access to your company’s technology from a home laptop or mobile device is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sloppy security, weak passwords – or, worse, passwords on Post-its stuck to the monitor (you know who you are!) – and neglected user policies can all leave your system open to attack.

 We’re huge fans of remote working.  It’s one of the highest staff motivators and has been shown to increase productivity, not least because many people will save at least an hour’s travel time a day. As long as the right protocols are set up and adhered to, there’s no reason it won’t become the norm in the workplace of the future.



 Horror interview questions

If you’ve ever been interviewed, or you interview others, it might come as no surprise that the three most hated interview questions ever are:

- Why should I hire you?

- Tell me about yourself

- What’s your biggest weakness?

 If you haven’t prepared for these three – I mean, come on, they’re pretty obvious – then you probably don’t deserve the job!  Good interview technique is probably about 70 per cent preparation and 30 per cent delivery and too many candidates are caught out trying to wing it. It becomes evident very quickly when an interviewee hasn’t done their homework.  An obvious starting point is the company’s website – but also it’s worth doing your own sleuthing.  Look up the people who’ll be interviewing you on LinkedIn, head for the company’s social media feeds and google their media coverage.  And be honest.  Don’t try to shape your answer to what you think someone might want to hear, but simply try to describe yourself accurately and in a good light. Impressing your interviewer with information about the company and how you could fit in may just be the differentiators you need.



 Attacting the wrong candidates? So update your job spec

 According to Forbes this week, successful hiring starts with an accurate job description. You only have yourself to blame if your unclear, wordy or out dated job spec attracts the wrong candidates. It might seem obvious, but the job spec is often the last thing companies review.  What can you do to fix this? Start with defining your elevator pitch – it will put your focus on the heart of the job, set out the core skills and help you imagine the ideal candidate.

 At P3PM we completely agree. Cutting out long-winded descriptions, putting the spotlight on the essentials and making your advertisement compelling and user-friendly will help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for – and help the right candidate understand and engage with the brief. It’s well worth investing the time upfront, as allowing individuals to pre-qualify themselves means you’ll get a more targeted, better suited applicant, saving hours at the shortlisting stage.

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“"A small organisation making big changes wanting calm and clear support on how to deliver a restructure programme: P3 supported us on all elements; with a timetable of activity for Board so they felt confident all steps were in place and importantly all staff were considered and supported; process roll-out guidance; production of letters for staff; 1:1 support for me, the MD, as we handled the emotional and personal challenges that any restructure generates, as most importantly it's about people. Thank you P3"”


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