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What's got us talking in HR?

Posted On: 06/04/2017

What’s captured the P3 People Management office’s ear this week? Take a look at the latest news stories that have got us talking:

 Dress to impress

HR Grapevine

Grapevine takes a look at changing dress codes in the workplace. The impact of Millennials and Gen Zers entering the work force, with their expectations of flexibility in working hours, dress, and rewards; the rise of the gig economy creating more freelancers working across different companies, and home working becoming the norm rather than the exception means our work and leisure outfits are becoming indistinguishable. But does it matter? Some think so – arguing Dress Down Friday effectively brings about a four day working week.

 At P3PM, we feel it’s important to focus on the mindset not the actual clothes. If casual dressing means a casual approach, then it’s not working for your business. Some feel a lack of effort in dressing smartly means an absence of pride in your whole approach to your job – and a lack of respect to your colleagues and clients. The workplace is changing and dress code is just one part of that.  Ultimately, anything that encourages staff comfort and engenders a happier and therefore more productive workforce is to the good of your business.

 Have you got a relaxed dress policy? We’d love to hear what you think - let us know on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

 Half of employees report increased stress

HR Magazine

 With new research finding that 46 per cent of employees feel more stressed at work than 12 months ago, employers must start to take notice, particularly as staff are typically taking two more days off per year because of stress-related causes such as lost sleep, leading to lost productivity.

 What can employers do to battle this rising issue?  We’d suggest you start by listening to what your employees are telling you. While many point the finger at their line manager’s underperformance, which affects their own workload and approach, the overwhelming majority feel they have been asked to do more under their current role. Employers need to strike a balance between stretching their employees to coach and develop their career and overloading them. Once you understand what the issues are, effective training and coaching sessions looking at personal effectiveness are a great solution. Your employees will feel invested in, take pride in their skills and take away real benefits from the session itself. Win win!

 Interview prep now taught in schools


 Should our children be taught interview technique or should we try to get closer to the real person, rather than their interview persona? With 46 per cent of Generation Z taught about interviews (more than double that of the previous generation), there’s a clear difference in how our children are learning about the world of work.

 At P3 People Management we’re on the fence on this one. While we applaud the idea of teaching children how to prepare for interview, to research the company and the individuals they’d meet and to think up some key questions, what we don’t want is a generation of slick, hard-prepped applicants who offer great interview presence but little substance to back it up. We definitely agree that our education system can help prepare job seekers to enter the workforce – and the Gen Zers certainly seem to be benefiting.

 What do you think? Share your thoughts with us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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