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What’s everyone talking about in HR?

Posted On: 24/04/2017


Snap election

The big story this week is the Prime Minister’s early election call. Recruiters have largely come out in favour of the announcement in hope of the clearer mandate it will give government in Brexit negotiations.  At P3PM, we feel the move will not only help bring stability but also bring us closer to ending the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, which is, arguably, the biggest problem UK industry is currently facing.

We’re hoping that the June election will mean that UK businesses can start to take decisions that are rooted in fact rather than based on assumption.  What we don’t know is how the Brexit process will impact on immigration and employment law – but given where we are today, it makes sense for businesses to take this historic opportunity to strengthen their position in the trading environment of the future.

HR Grapevine

What not to say

We love HR Grapevine’s lead report on what not to say to employees, particularly in a crisis. Far from being the sole remit of HR, good employee communications are everyone’s responsibility.  So what word should you avoid at all costs? “Problem.”

While we’re huge advocates of openness and inclusiveness in the workplace, we also believe that there are effective ways of communicating with the workforce – and alarmist, panic-inducing language is not one of them. Good leaders will always find a way to explain any issue to their teams clearly and calmly.  Rather than dwell on the problem, a key part of this is to outline the approach that will be taken together to reach a solution. At P3PM we offer clear guidance in effective communications to build leadership skills – get in touch if you’d like to learn more. 

Personnel Today

The three day weekend – unrealistic ideal or solid benefit

We love the story reported in Personnel Today that everyone – employers, employees and society as a whole – has much to gain from a four day working week. Addressing the work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in the UK where long working hours are adversely affecting people’s physical and mental health, with tangible disadvantages to the economy as a whole.

It’s clear that exhausted and demotivated people don’t perform at their best. However, we at P3PM also feel that while every employer has a duty of care towards their employees, personal responsibility must also come into play here, with employees taking control of their own work-life regimes. What’s important is to remove the culture of presenteeism – employees staying late and skipping lunch, for instance – as it’s been found that long hours have an inverse correlation with improved productivity.  Germany, for example, has the shortest working week in the EU, yet its productivity last year was 36 per cent higher than the UK’s[1] – food for thought…  And a three day weekend, who could argue with that

[1] Source: ONS G7 Report, 2016

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