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Posted On: 15/05/2017

Welcome back to our weekly news round-up – keeping you up to speed with latest industry news, developments and all-important gossip.

 Recognising family friendly workplaces

Working Families

The Working Families benchmark for employers is now open for entries. Designed to identify the life experiences of employees, this important standard recognises the achievements of employers who are building agile, flexible and family friendly workplaces. With half of all UK working parents stating they would ‘go the extra mile’ for a flexible employer, this coveted award, now in its eighth year, gives employers the opportunity to attract and retain the best in talent.

 We at P3PM are one hundred per cent behind this initiative. There is a huge incentive in flexible working patterns – whether flexible hours, remote working or job sharing – and this more enlightened approach to 21st century work patterns will bring mutual benefits to both employee and employer.  Achieving a better work/life balance is high on most people’s agenda, and many surveys have shown that a happy and engaged workforce is far more productive than a resentful one. The search for 2017’s Top Employers for Working Families is now on and we’d suggest that, if you’re looking to improve productivity, attract the brightest talent and, ultimately, grow your business, it’s well worth your while to get involved.


Rude recruiters

Recruitment Grapevine

With nearly two thirds of UK workers admitting to disliking looking for a new job – and, surprisingly, this figure rising to nearly 70 per cent among 18-24 year olds – the issue of lacklustre recruiters comes to the fore.  In a poll of 1,200 British candidates, the key bugbear was a lack of response from recruiters. All too often, candidates are left wondering why they didn’t make the cut or they struggle alone to find a role that matches their needs. 

 Businesses and recruiters need to up their game, especially during this time of labour shortages. It is essential to develop both the active and the passive candidate pool – even if they’re not suited for one role, the next may be perfect.  A poorly treated candidate won’t come back for more. At P3PM we can take over your candidate management process from start to finish or coach you in best practice, to make sure you’re attracting the best in talent. A lengthy application process that doesn’t keep an applicant in the loop, for instance, or an interview where candidates are guessing what the next steps will be is far from ideal.


Let go of your ego – and watch your business succeed


“This is such a nightmare client.” Sound familiar? You’re approaching this all wrong.  As more and more is made of the importance of emotional intelligence in strong business leadership, John Reynard, author of ‘The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success’, believes that whether we feel upbeat or uncertain lies in whether we are letting our ego rule.  Uncertainty will only result in negativity, poor decisions and a loss of confidence. Overcoming the negative ego – the part of us that we’re uncomfortable with and don’t want to reveal – is key to an intuitive approach to business and can lead to positive thinking, which in turn engenders improved decision making and better leadership.

 We wholeheartedly applaud this concept. Positive thinking rooted in self-belief is a powerful enabler – and today’s successful leader must adopt an emotionally intelligent approach in order to motivate and communicate with their team.  What do you think – does inspirational leadership depend on putting aside your ego, or depend on having a strong one in the first place?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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