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Weekly HR News 14/4/17

Posted On: 18/04/2017

Take a look at the latest news stories that are creating a stir in the HR industry this week – and have got the P3 People Management team buzzing:


HR Magazine

Apprenticeships – still a hot topic


With the UK government setting the highest ever target for apprenticeships – a goal of three million by 2020 – the quality of apprentices coming through the process is under scrutiny.  There are widespread concerns that this will lead to companies creating a large number of lower level (Level 2) apprenticeships to satisfy government targets rather than focus on developing people at Level 3. 


At P3PM we believe that sacrificing quality for quantity is never going to work and will only, ultimately, lead to dissatisfaction and failure.  Employees at every level want to see a clear career progression and will be motivated firstly by doing their job well and secondly by achieving the next stage in development.  We think the apprentice scheme is excellent and has great potential to bring much needed new talent to UK industry, particularly into sectors like engineering and manufacturing which have flagged in recent years.  Rather than scrambling to meet volume in terms of numbers on a planner, proper measures to ensure that the right apprentices are placed in the right jobs where they’re allowed to flourish and bring new skills to organisations will bring huge benefit to business.  


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Mindfulness at work – a driver for change?


A new study carried out by The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and Cranfield University’s School of Management has found that mindfulness can be used to bring about successful change in organisations.  The research and in-depth analysis of results looks beyond the value of mindfulness techniques, already shown to benefit an organization in terms of employee stress reduction and wellbeing, to consider how individuals can use mindfulness to realise their potential at a strategic level.


We think there is huge untapped potential in this way of thinking.  Moving away from viewing the concept of mindfulness as a fluffy, self-indulgent piece of nonsense, forward thinking organisations are now applying mindfulness as a way to alter behaviours across a business.  It can be a way to help people – and therefore an organisational culture – become more accepting of change and therefore more agile in the marketplace.  Shifting people’s mindsets and approach for the better is a clear and achievable way to breathe new life into your company culture and bring about positive change.


HR Magazine

Failure – disaster or essential?


A recent Harvard Business Review article called “Increase your return on failure” got us thinking.  It sets out that one of the most important reasons companies struggle to grow is fear of failure, concluding that the best approach is to learn from mistakes, share the learnings and review the pattern of failure to ensure the method is working.  There are, essentially, five stages of management maturity that range from level 1, a fear based culture where everyone is afraid to fail, to level 5, where the culture is unbounded and amazing, allowing groundbreaking innovations to happen. Approach to failure at this level is purpose-driven, with the goal being to innovate, learn and improve.


We at P3PM applaud the level 5 thinking.  Shifting away from a blame culture driven by anxiety can only be a good thing.  An unbounded culture is a non judgemental playing field for problem-solving, creativity and experimentation, where innovation can flourish.  Wherever possible, companies should embrace moving towards this level – you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.


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