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Recruiting Right First Time

Posted On: 14/09/2018

Recruitment – there’s no getting out of it in business. There are always going to be instances when someone leaves or goes on maternity. Gaps become available when a company experiences growth. Full timers may wish to become part timers and a vacancy will appear if a member of staff is sacked!

But have you ever stopped to think how much the recruitment process costs?

The Cost of Recruitment

A company will expect to spend money:

And what about the time spent:

In addition to these tangible and intangible costs, a major cost implication is the loss in output during the period of time the new member of staff is getting up to speed with their role. Until they reach their ‘Optimum Productivity Level’ they will be less effective – research suggests that this takes on average 28 weeks.

There’s no denying it, it’s better to find the right person first time.

What the Recruitment Process Looks Like

  1. Identify the vacancy and the job description. Never assume that the job description is simply a ‘cut and paste’ from the person they are replacing. Look at how the department has changed, how the company has grown, does the role look the same?
  2. If you’re changing the job description, engage with the employees who will interact with the new member of staff. Is there anything else they would like to see on the job description?
  3. Putting a recruitment advert together. In addition to the standard information such as salary, title, job description - sell your business. Take this opportunity to get across how great your company is to work for.
  4. Advertise wisely. Where will the person you want for the job look for it? When it comes to applications you want quality, not quantity.
  5. Screen all applications and mark out the viable ones.
  6. Consider telephone screening to whittle the list down.
  7. The face to face interview. Don’t forget it’s a two-way process.
  8. Hire the right person. You might think this is the end of the road and all the hard work is over, but this is where the process can be the most difficult. What if the candidate doesn’t accept your offer, are you able to be flexible to their demands?

So, we’ve established that the recruitment process can be costly, probably not straight-forward and what if you don’t get it right and you have to start the process again?   

Let’s Talk About Talent Acquisition

Leadership positions, and roles requiring a particular skillset, often have a long lead time to find and hire. This is where the recruitment process takes a turn.

The aim for recruitment is to fill a gap, whereas talent acquisition is the long-term strategic approach to fill key players for your workforce. Ideally, companies should project three to six months to fill this type of vacancy.

It’s crucial for businesses to put in place a talent acquisition strategy when:

Talent acquisition is so much more than filling vacancies, the strategy covers raising a brand’s image, refining cultures, and improving benefits and rewards. In fact, anything to make your company be more attractive to work for than your competitors.

Recruit Right

You may want to cover your ears as we’re about to blow our own trumpet. Here at P3 People Management we always recruit the best people to work for us first time and we’re so proud of our exceptional team. We have the perfect mix of talented HR professionals to help you with your next recruitment process.

What P3 People Management Offer

We will prepare the advert to attract only the best possible candidates. We will write it to avoid any discrimination and promote your brand effectively on all the major online job boards.

We will sift and screen all applications ensuring the information given by the candidate matches your requirements.

Once we have narrowed down the search, we will then conduct telephone interviews to ensure suitability for the role before sending you a short list of suitable candidates ready for interview – and we will send you interview questions to help you with this critical part of the process.

In addition, we will complete all associated administration providing you with a full audit trail. Knowing the paperwork has been prepared correctly will give you peace of mind and protect your company’s image. 

Our Extra Helping Hand

We use the Harrison Assessments Tool methodologies to virtually ensure you hire the best candidate for you. The tool quantifies both eligibility (skills, experience and education) and suitability (motivation, personality, interpersonal skills, engagement, and employment expectations). The assessment tools are customisable to your specific business needs and your specific job requirements, making the assessment process more accurate and legally defensible.

We believe this versatile and flexible assessment tool to be the most comprehensive on the market as it can integrate results from skills tests, IQ tests etc. A final score is given taking all assessments into consideration taking the guess work out of the recruitment process.

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