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Outsourcing your HR

Posted On: 24/08/2020

The HR function plays an integral role in securing your organisation’s future growth, success and turnover. Opting not to invest in HR is risky, as is having employees ‘doubling up’ on their usual role to take on some HR responsibilities.  

Outsourcing this valuable, often complex, function offers flexibility and cost effectiveness. It ensures that your managers and leadership team have the time needed to move the business forwards as well as time to invest in your greatest asset – your employees. It also removes some of the stresses by ensuring that your organisation stays ahead of trends and keeps on top of the ever-changing employment laws.  

Evolving role of the HR function 

Long gone are the days when the role of the HR team was considered to be just the payroll processor. Today’s HR functions require specialised knowledge; a survey taken in 2019 revealed that 81% of small businesses handle their own HR, and over 30% of them stated that they did not feel confident that they were doing everything correctly.

Here are just some of the roles that the HR function is responsible for:

The role of a HR Director

The HR Director oversees the HR function and has a key role for developing strategies to support the organisation’s mission and goals.

Many businesses do not have a HR team to support the HR Director. And in some cases, the person appointed to this key role may have been promoted from another area with limited experience of the complex subject or has other duties to fulfil.

If your in-house HR Director is distracted with other responsibilities, you could be putting your business at risk and be vulnerable to potential legal challenges should policies and the law not be followed to the letter.

Why outsource HR?

Companies who outsource HR do so for peace of mind and to save money and time. These are the main pain points faced by business who turn to the support of external HR professionals:

Some companies may only need extra support for certain periods of time, some may benefit from a HR Director and others may require HR admin support – or a mix of all three. Outsourcing HR gives organisations the flexibility they need.

Signs to look out for

Identifying the reasons why an organisation is not attaining the growth it should, can be difficult for managers who are already overstretched. If retention is an issue, or perhaps productivity is constantly low, having the support of HR professionals can save you time and money, and improve your bottom line.

Here are some of the ways outsourcing HR can help save your organisation money:

Doing it right first time 

Unlike some other roles, when HR is done incorrectly, the consequences can be huge. It can negatively affect the bottom line and damage the brand’s reputation.

Managing employees requires professionals who understand the law. Payroll, paperwork, strategies and policies must be accurate – anything less can land you in hot water.

We’re Here To Help

Here at P3 People Management we put our clients, and their workforce, at the heart of everything we do. We will provide you with the best service allowing you to achieve your goals.

Working with us, your organisation will benefit from our skills, knowledge and vast experience. In addition to some of our services listed below, we can support you with your employee engagement and retention strategies, leadership and management development, performance management, training and development, restructures, talent acquisition and reward packages.

If your organisation would benefit from outsourcing any, or all, of your HR functions please get in touch on 0161 941 2426.

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What Our Clients Say

“"We have worked with P3 for over 3 years and have found the service we have been given to be invaluable. As a growing organisation, the HR element was taking up more and more of the Board's time. HR are always present at our Board meetings and the time we have saved ourselves allowing this key business function to run smoothly, efficiently and as it should do has paid huge dividends for our growth and our staff retention. Our people and culture have not looked back since we made this decision. "”

P Birkett - Managing Director

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Outsourcing your HR

Posted On: 24/08/2020

The HR function plays an integral role in securing your organisation’s future growth, success and turnover. Opting not to invest in HR is risky, as is having employees ‘doubling up’ on their;

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