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Management Training

Posted On: 14/08/2020

Confident managers with the expertise to positively influence and motivate employees are incredibly valuable to any organisation. They can help increase staff retention, boost engagement levels, and maximise productivity.

Not only do effective managers understand how to get the most out of their teams, they are able to help implement company strategies and mitigate any workplace conflict.

Training your managers is essential for the future growth and success of your business, it is not just a tick in the box exercise.

Employee morale

Employees who feel valued and invested in experience greater levels of morale, trust and security. Managers with this positivity will demonstrate, and pass on, healthy behaviours and characteristics to their teams.

The aim of management training, in all of its forms, is to enable the individual to lead by example, communicate effectively and inspire others to work towards the organisation’s goals and vision.

There are various types of training available for managers; they can develop as line managers, train to be subject experts, learn how to effectively run a department, master the tools needed to resolve issues, understand diversity in the workplace, keep up with emerging technology and much more.

The benefits of investing in management training

Managers who have successfully completed their management training will not only boost productivity and motivation levels, they will have the ability to set realistic goals and determine strategies. In turn, organisations will benefit from:

  1. Greater levels of productivity. Learning the importance of getting to know team members as individuals, and why management styles must be adapted to make the professional relationship between manager and employee more meaningful, is key to good performance.
  2. Higher retention levels. There’s a phrase which goes something like, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave a poor manager”. Sadly, this is the truth for a lot of cases. Ineffective managers can turn away even the most energetic and motivated members of staff.
  3. Increased employee engagement. Management training must cover how to give feedback. Giving feedback is a crucial part of engagement and must be delivered well. 
  4. Better decision making. Managers must learn how to make informed decisions which are right for the organisation and for its future success. Decision making skills don’t always come naturally, and not everyone has the confidence to make intelligent decisions on their own, which is why learning how to reframe problems and how to make evidence-based decisions is crucial.   

Millennial managers 

Millennials are now aged roughly between 26 and 40 years old and many are already in management roles, redefining the traditional way of working. This generation have demanded changes to the workplace, and as more than a third of the global workforce are now made up of millennials it pays to understand their preferred management style and the way they manage.

It's been proven that millennials don’t remain loyal to just one employer, they are confident to move to another organisation where there are better opportunities for them and in a recent study carried out by Manpower Group, 50% stated that they would leave their present employer if they did not feel appreciated.

Millennial managers have a strong desire to have a say in the way organisations are being run and are eager to help shape their future. This personal goal is driving organisations to foster an environment of transparency between their managers and their workforce.

This collaborative approach to management encourages all employees to generate workplace ideas and innovations, no matter what role they have.

Being mentored and inspired is high on a millennial’s wish list. And the last thing they want is to be micromanaged.

The newly-appointment manager

The best managers recognise that they have gaps in their knowledge and skill set; they don’t possess the ego which stops them from growing.

Understanding how to be an effective leader, realising which skills are needed to oversee a dynamic team and knowing what is expected of them as a manager is key to their future success – and that of the organisation.

Many employees are promoted to manager due to their high level of technical knowledge, not necessarily because of their soft skills. And it’s the soft skills that make a manager an effective leader, including how to:

Training options

Every member of your workforce will have their own preferred way of learning, just as they have their own preference of management style. It is good practice to offer options to enable the individual to maximise their learning experience, however, there are some exceptions to this rule.

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