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Latest News Round-Up

Posted On: 03/01/2017


This week in the P3 People Management office, we’ve been sharing and discussing the latest of our favourite stories from the world of HR.

Tax break for Employers hiring ex-offenders

People Management

A new report from the parliamentary Work and Pensions committee suggests that employers should receive tax incentives for actively recruiting ex-offenders. Re-entering the workforce and ‘everyday life’ can be incredibly difficult for ex-prisoners; the support available is significantly limited and finding a job itself can be a challenge. Particularly as over 50 per cent of respondents that the report surveyed admitted that they would not hire an ex-offender on the basis of the company’s public image and the individual’s skills, capabilities and reliability.

In addition, the report went on to advise that employers should receive practical guidance on recruiting ex-offenders, including information on spent and unspent convictions, insurance, how to recruit different roles and case studies of businesses that have hired ex-prisoners. So, what do you think? Should businesses be making more of a concerted effort to hire ex-offenders, and will a tax break incentivise businesses to adapt their recruitment procedures? Let us know by tweeting us @P3PeopleMgmt or by leaving us a comment on Facebook.

Seven out of 10 organisations recruit through social media

Personnel Today

According to research conducted by XpertHR, seven out of 10 organisations now use social media for recruitment. Considering the meteoric rise of social media over the past decade, coupled with increasingly expensive recruitment agency and job board fees, it comes as little surprise that businesses are going online to find the best talent. Seeing so many companies embrace digital recruitment methods further highlights the evolution of the recruitment process, and as unemployment in the UK is at its lowest rate since 2005, it would seem that these new methods are getting more people in work than ever before.

Bizarre interview questions

HR Grapevine

For tech professionals, being invited to interview for a positon at the home of the ultimate tech giant, Apple, may feel like the pinnacle of your career. While you can count on most interviewers asking you the typical questions such as “describe yourself in three words”, “what’s your biggest weakness?” and “where do you see yourself in five years’ time?”, Apple’s process may be one of the most mind-boggling interviews you’ve experienced. As recently revealed in The Telegraph, the tech company likes to ask its candidates a series of bizarre interview questions, including:

We like Apple’s different approach to interview questions and the way in which they push candidates to think outside of the box. What do you think? How many of these questions could you comfortably answer?

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