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Posted On: 27/02/2017

The world of HR doesn’t stop moving, and this week the P3 People Management team can’t stop talking about these HR news stories:


Almost half of employees believe they will never be able to retire

People Management

A survey carried out by Mintel has revealed that four in 10 workers expect never to retire. 61 per cent of workers who responded to the survey believe that they will not enjoy a retirement as comfortable as previous generations. Currently, men in the UK can retire at 65 while women can retire at 63. This is set to rise to 66 for both genders by 2020, and then again to 67 between 2026 and 2028. The rising state pension age and the struggle to save sufficient funds for retirement is failing to give workers the confidence to plan for their retirement.

We think it’s such a shame that so many UK workers feel that they will never be able to retire. While a number of people take retirement as an opportunity to experience new things or take on new roles simply because they don’t want to stop working, it is alarming that so many employees think they have to keep working. The onus is really now on businesses who should be helping their employees put plans and processes in place to prepare for what will be a well-deserved retirement.



Candidates asked to find job application before applying

HR Grapevine

Shunning the typical route for job applicants, PR company Edelman is asking its candidates to find the job application themselves if they want a role with the company. By creating a three-part multimedia job hunt, Edelman hopes to attract candidates from a variety of backgrounds; as the entry-level position doesn’t require any particular qualifications, Edelman bosses want to be impressed by potential candidates’ ability to crack three codes which will lead to the job application.

A growing number of businesses are now acknowledging the importance of the individual rather than their CV when it comes to recruitment, and we think this novel way of applying for a role will really grab the right kind of candidates’ attention. What do you think? Would you apply for a job this way? Let us know by getting in touch on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


Unhealthy staff are costing employers one month of productivity a year

HR Magazine

According to a report from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace (BHW), employee ill-health accounts for 27.5 days of productivity per employee each year. This then costs the UK economy an estimated £73bn a year. The report suggests that businesses should be doing more to promote employee health and wellbeing, and that the level of ill-health is primarily driven by lifestyle factors such as smoking or poor nutrition.

It’s incredibly important that employees feel fit and healthy enough to be as productive as they can be. While this generally falls upon the employee themselves, there are certainly ways that employers can boost the health of their staff. An increasing number of businesses now offer gym memberships or yoga classes to increase employee wellness, while others provide daily fresh fruit to improve health and nutrition. So, do you think employers should be doing more to tackle this productivity loss?


Stay tuned to our blog for more of the latest news from the world of HR and see what else we’re talking about on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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