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Latest HR News Round-Up

Posted On: 09/02/2017

We’ve hurtled into February following what has been an interesting month in world events. As ever, the P3 People Management team has been discussing all the news from around globe as well as some interesting reports and findings in HR. So, grab yourself a cup of tea and forget about the new leader of the free world for the next five minutes while you delve into the latest HR news that’s caught our eye: 


Are we a nation of payday millionaires?

 HR News

A news story that raised more than a few knowing groans in our office this week came from a report by Paymentsense. The merchant services and card payment specialist conducted research on 2,000 UK workers who get paid monthly and found that a quarter admit they spend up to 25 per cent of their month’s pay within 72 hours of being paid. Moreover, workers confessed that this money goes on unnecessary purchases and that most of their disposable income is spent on food. As you would imagine, workers go from a state of riches to rations, with the research concluding that a third of workers admit they change their eating habits towards the end of the month due to being broke.

While you might laugh in self-recognition, the report carries a serious undertone. The effects of financial woes can impact on a person’s life dramatically, whether it’s their pre-payday penny-pinching diet taking its toll on their health or heightened stress levels surrounding money management. So, what can HRs do about it? One thing we’ve seen implemented in businesses is a free guidance service on budgeting and schemes to help employees save some money every month. While perhaps not at front of mind when it comes to HR responsibilities, exploring options to help employees manage their money better could have a dramatic and positive impact on the overall health and wellbeing of your business.


Rob Lowe PA job ad seeks candidate who can lift 25lbs

HR Grapevine

Can you lift 25lbs? If so, you might be the perfect candidate for the role of actor Rob Lowe’s PA. According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, the award-winning West Wing star placed a job advert looking for a new personal assistant and the job requirements certainly raised a few eyebrows in our office. They include:

While the £55,000 salary plus benefits is certainly attractive, there’s something distinctly off-putting about the strange requirements. However, we can’t fault Rob for being open about what he needs from his PA. Too many businesses get hung up on generic job descriptions without demonstrating to the job seeker exactly what it’s like to work with them. So, follow Rob’s lead and add a personal flair, although we don’t recommend making demands about the amount of weight a person should be able to lift…


More employers embracing job shares and part-time working

HR Magazine

In a sign that times are changing for UK working practices, Timewise’s Power Part Time list was released this week and revealed a record number of senior level positions are now being shared. The annual report from the flexible jobs board included nine out of 50 job shares, featuring high profile shares such as political editors of The Guardian Anushka Asthana and Heather Stewart and joint Lloyds Banking Group HR directors Alix Ainsley and Charlotte Cherry. It also stated that 46 per cent of business decision-makers would consider hiring candidates for a senior role on a job share basis.

On the results of the report, Timewise said a growing number of UK businesses were “tearing up” the common 9-5, Monday-to-Friday working week, demonstrating how attitudes are changing around flexible working. As the war for talent in the UK continues to rage, we predict even more businesses will accommodate different working arrangements in order to attract and secure the best talent to their organisation. While it can seem challenging to embrace flexible working within your business when you’ve always employed staff on a straightforward 9-5 basis, there’s help and advice out there when it comes to issues such as drafting new contracts of employment or managing workers on different schedules, you just have to ask for it.


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