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Posted On: 17/01/2017

What do cake, the technology sector and the President of the United States all have in common? They have each been the focal point of HR news stories that the P3 People Management team has been discussing this week:


Call to end workplace cake culture

HR News

Sharing sweet treats in the office certainly boosts morale and workplace positivity – something we are big fans of here at P3 People Management. But now a leading professor at the Royal College of Surgeons is calling for an end to this so-called office ‘cake culture’, citing its role in the UK’s poor oral health and obesity issues.

While it is widely agreed that businesses should promote the health and wellbeing of their employees, sharing food in the workplace is a great way to bring a team together. Instead of piling the office full of cakes and sweet treats, companies are being urged to treat their employees with healthy alternatives. Similarly, more businesses are offering their employees gym memberships as part of their benefit packages, as well the increasing number of initiatives such as cycle to work schemes.

So, next time you think of bringing a giant chocolate cake into work, perhaps go for a fruit bowl instead. Is cake culture a sticky issue in your business? Let us know by tweeting us @P3PeopleMgmt or by leaving us a comment on Facebook.


Is AI the answer to getting more women in tech?


Over recent years, the shortage of women in technology roles has been a global talking point. The technology sector has become increasingly male-dominated, with a ‘brogrammer’ culture running through a number of the industry’s biggest names.  But now, new technology has been developed to quash this stereotype. is an artificial intelligence project manager that focuses on combatting bias. Tara stands for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation and works by analysing and ranking programmers’ code, ignoring any personal information such as race, gender, age, education or work experience.

By identifying candidates solely based on talent and skill, Tara removes any preconceptions or the possibility for bias. Over the next few years, automation and technology will dominate processes across a whole host of sectors, and we can certainly expect to see technology similar to Tara within recruiting.


Job advert targets Obama for next role

The Independent

President Barack Obama has just a few days left in employment. On the 20th January President-elect Trump will be inaugurated and Obama will officially be on the job market once again. However, music streaming service Spotify has headhunted the soon-to-be unemployed President, posting a faux job ad for a ‘President of Playlists’ on its career page.

Although the company hasn’t directly mentioned Obama in the job spec, the use of phrases synonymous with the President such as “full of hope” and “open to change” made it fairly obvious who their ideal candidate would be. The advert went on to say “Ever had Kendrick Lamar play at your birthday bash? We’d love to hear about it!”, referring to the rapper’s performance at Obama’s birthday celebrations, and that the candidate should have “at least eight years’ experience running a highly-regarded nation.”

Joking aside, Spotify’s search for a ‘President of Playlists’ highlights the importance of targeting the right candidates throughout the recruitment process. Not only that, but humorously approaching the President of the United States as a potential employee is a great piece of employer branding from Spotify.


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