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HR Strategy & Forward Planning

Posted On: 20/04/2020

Businesses need strategic plans to shape future growth and development. These plans must include many elements such as marketing and sales strategies, financial projections, competitive analysis and more. But what about human planning?

Having a Human Resource strategy in place is crucial for a business to successfully execute its overall business strategy. A HR plan must complement an organisation’s goals; it must prepare existing employees for future growth, drive future hiring decisions, retain employees, help manage restructures and secure a succession plan to limit disruption.

Only when an HR element is built into a business plan can the organisation find strength in its flexibility, become more innovative and create a fit-for-purpose, healthy workplace culture.

When all employees are working towards the same goal the business is more likely to achieve its objectives. Effective HR strategies result in every member of staff understanding how their role fits in with the overall goal, which in turn leads to increased job satisfaction, better productivity, enhanced morale and a stronger approach to managing employees.

Workforce Assessment 

Capturing and maintaining data on your workforce not only allows you to keep track of your talent easily, it enables you to ensure that the right people, with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.

We recommend your HR team take these steps:

Gap Analysis

HR infrastructure (policies, procedures and practices) can quickly become out of date. Using job descriptions and manuals written two years ago are certainly not going to be useful today, so just imagine how ineffective these documents will be if used in conjunction with any forward planning.  

Time spent on gap analysis will pay off in the long run and will be essential for the success of your HR strategy. These are some of the issues you will need to consider:

Employee Training & Development Planning

To strengthen a current workforce and prepare it for future growth, an HR strategy must include the creation of employee development plans and identify ways to equip the workforce with the skills to serve the company.

Succession Planning

Change is necessary for a business to gain growth. Having a succession plan in place will minimise disruption by swiftly filling gaps caused by a key member of staff leaving.

It’s a domino effect when a senior member leaves a company. Quite often it will result in a reshuffle of an executive team, a complete restructure of departments and most definitely a successor will need to assume the vacant role almost immediately.

Every organisation will manage succession planning differently; some may choose to involve employees directly about their own succession goals and others choose to take a more ‘behind the scenes’ approach and use their data to identify future leaders.

Both methods, or a mix of the two approaches, are effective as long as the company remains transparent and regularly communicates to keep workforces up to date with change.

Forecasting and Making Actionable Plans 

Once there is a complete understanding of the company’s goals and crucial information on the workforce has been analysed, actionable HR plans can be created to positively impact the company’s future sustainable growth.

Forecasting should focus on two areas: supply and demand.

Demand relates to the predicted number of employees needed, with particular skills, to meet the needs of the company as it grows.

Supply relates to the current number of employees that are able to help the company achieve its strategic goals.

Effective forecasting will determine whether new roles are required, if existing employees have the necessary skillsets, if current employees are being optimally utilised and if the HR infrastructure can accommodate the growth.

It’s important to note that HR strategic planning should be an ongoing process and continually measured. If the plan fails to support the company achieve its objectives corrective action must be taken without delay. 

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