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HR News Round-Up September 2019

Posted On: 23/09/2019

It seems like in just a blink of an eye the summer is over. The children are back to school and businesses are fully staffed once more. Hopefully your employees who took time off during July and August are now relaxed and raring to go. But in the unfortunate event that an individual was taken ill on holiday would your organisation know what to do? Earlier this month a leading lawyer urged all employers to be clear on their sickness policies.

Here at P3 People Management’s headquarters we love to keep up to date on all things HR and always excited to read up on the latest surveys that reveal the truth about what’s actually happening in the workplace. We want to share with you some statistics around flexible working, how taking time off over the summer may prompt workers to quit their job and the concerning results over regional accents.

When an employee is taken ill while on annual leave

We all relish planning every detail of our holidays with rest and relaxation at the top of our agenda, but sadly these plans can be spoilt due to illness or injury. Employers have been warned that they must communicate their sickness policies clearly to all employees [1].

An employee has the right to report their sickness and ask for their annual leave to be reallocated in accordance with a European Court of Justice ruling. A sickness policy must be clear that in order to cancel and rearrange the agreed time off, the illness must have prevented the individual’s ability to rest and relax and should include:

Flexible working is the future

A study by ETZ Payments involving 2,000 UK employees has revealed the following [2]:

Guidance to tackle one-sided flexibility

Over the summer CIPD launched an employer’s guide to ensure flexibility benefits both the employee and the employer. This has been sparked by the government’s Good Work Plan consultation concerning the possible misuse of these working arrangements by an organisation [3].

This study highlights the people management and development practices needed to focus on the following key points:

September – the month of the resignation letter

Wix, the website development platform company, carried out research in the UK to ascertain how time away to reflect can alter the way we think about our return to work [4]. This is what they found:

We were surprised to read the following cheeky results!

The overarching theme was that many UK employees have low morale at their place of work. The reasons given for feeling this way were: 

Stigma around regional accents 

A survey of 2,003 people carried out by the Equality Group found that stigma still exists concerning dialect [5]. This is what was revealed:

The founder of the Equality Group, Hephzi Pemberton responded to these results, “As companies are not legally required to hire from a range of socio-economic classes, businesses need to step up and address the benefits that come from diversity of thought and experience and hire accordingly.

“Businesses need to reassess their hiring practices to ensure that they offer equality of opportunity based on academic and professional experience and not ethnicity, gender or class.”

We’re here to help 

If you need our experienced team of HR professionals to support you in any of the issues raised in our latest HR News Roundup call us on 0161 941 2426.

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