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HR News Round-Up October 2019

Posted On: 05/11/2019

October was the month of ‘will we?’ or ‘won’t we?’ The uncertainty surrounding Brexit still hangs in the air, not making it easy for organisations to prepare for the future. In our HR News Roundup, we’ll be looking at other ways businesses can best plan and stay ahead of their competitors.

Demographic analysis and workforce planning 

It’s nothing new to learn that the UK has an ageing population, but where are the hotspots where we see extremes of younger and older people? Understanding this data can help businesses with their recruitment and location decisions [1].

Research from the Resolution Foundation revealed its findings this month.  Here’s a breakdown of the top headlines from their analysis:

Charlie McCurdy, author from the Resolution Foundation stated: “Firms targeting pensioners’ spending power may find it increasingly difficult to source young talent in the rural and coastal communities where their services are most in demand.

“Other employers may need to work harder to create those age-diverse offices that we know can be valuable for integration, creativity and learning. More generally, businesses operating across the country will have to pay increasing attention to how location intersects with the age of their workers and their customers.”

Addressing stress in the workplace

It’s International Stress Awareness Week starting on Monday 4th November. The organisation behind this awareness initiative aims to encourage businesses to address stress in the workplace and tackle rising levels of presenteeism [2].

Recent research from the Canada Life Group Insurance revealed that 89% of UK workers didn’t take days off when they were unwell. This equates to a staggering 29 million people turning up to work when they should be at home resting. Let’s look at the reasons given for continuing to work when ill:

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development state that presenteeism is associated with common mental health issues. They also state that stress-related absence is the second top cause of long-term absence.

The International Stress Management Association published their advice for managing stress this month in readiness for awareness week:

Robots vs Managers?

If you were expanding your business, would you increase your workforce or use more technology?

A recent survey from Oracle revealed that employees trust technology as they can confide in it and there is less chance of it being bias. The research discovered that 64% of employees have more confidence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) than their manager when asking for advice.

When asked the question, “what can AI do better than managers?”, the results included the following responses:

When asked, “what managers do better than robots?”, here’s what was revealed:

Looking at the data uncovered by Oracle, it’s clear that there is a place for AI in the workplace, but managers are crucial to support and encourage the workforce.  Technology can certainly aid employees in their roles, but we are not yet at the stage where it can replace them.

If your organisation is expanding then it will pay to consider all available choices, to attract the best talent and to invest in the right technology.

We’re here to help 

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[1] Personnel Today

[2] HR News

[3] Economic Times


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