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HR News Round-Up October 2018

Posted On: 30/10/2018

We’ve often written about the diversity of today’s workforce, but there is something most of us have in common – we own mobile phones.

Gone are the days when mobile phones were used for ‘emergency’ communications and sending quick messages.  As the technology inside mobile phones has evolved, so has their use.

We now use our phones for a plethora of reasons; to search for our perfect jobs, to share information and to see news-stories unravelling before our eyes.  With access to an abundance of data and a way to communicate quickly mobile phones are shaping the way companies do business. 

Hump Day – Dump Day

The online job search site, Monster, has revealed this week that 49% of us are actively seeking alternative employment while sat at our desks [1]. 

Monster has made it easy to look for a new job through their mobile phone app and it seems that the app is most in use during Monday to Friday and between the times of 9am and 5pm. 

The app takes its biggest hit on a Wednesday when almost half of us look to see what else is out there and whether to ‘dump’ our existing roles.  Monster also sees a 58% increase in searches during the hours of 5pm and 7pm during the week, most likely made during the commute home after a ‘bad-day in the office’.

HR professionals believe that having a mobile friendly job site, or app, is important to a company’s hiring strategy.  Further research has shown that 50% of people applying for a job on their mobile phone get frustrated and give up on the process, further backing up the belief of the HR professionals. 

Imagine losing the perfect candidate just because they were baffled with your job site?

Urgent training on handling racism

Recent footage taken on a Ryanair flight has gone viral.  We think you probably know the footage we are talking about – it’s where Ryanair staff failed to respond effectively to an obvious racist incident on one of their flights. 

The awful scenes taken on a mobile phone and shared across social media platforms highlight the need for Ryanair’s diversity and inclusion policies to be tightened up and exercised properly after facing international criticism [2].

“Dealing with racism should be a core part of training. This is not an either/or situation – the most important thing is to say ‘this is unacceptable, and if it continues you will be removed,’” warned Stephen Frost, CEO of Frost Included. “Most major companies say they think about diversity or respect training, but often it comes from a compliance perspective or a ‘tick-box’ exercise, which does not equip people to confidently deal with these real-world situations.” 

Technology helping us speak about workplace misconduct

Misconduct allegations can easily enter the public domain through social media resulting in corporate reputations losing all credibility and an end to executive careers [3].

Cases of misconduct often surface from social and mainstream media.  But, there is an obvious need to establish a process which allows employees to safely report their suspicions and for their concerns to be investigated.

Hotlines used to be the only option for reporting activity, but with technology at everyone’s fingertips now is the time to embrace the digital world.  Reporting apps are appearing on the scene which allow an employee to record and report instances of misconduct with the ability to upload supporting evidence such as emails and photos.

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So, what have we learnt from this HR Round Up?

We’ve learnt that your job site needs to be user friendly so as not to put off any candidate.  Better still, create an enviable working environment.

We’ve learnt that we need to invest in robust training and development programmes to protect customers and brand reputations.  We also know that any mistakes or misconducts can’t be hidden.

If you have any concerns regarding the issues raised in this month’s HR Round Up, please call our friendly team of HR specialist on 0161 941 2426.

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[2] People Management

[3] Personnel Today

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