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HR News Round-up June 2018

Posted On: 01/06/2018

At last, the weather is on the up and the windows at P3 People Management HQ have been flung open. Warmer weather is just one factor that has an effect on the workplace. This month we look at other influences which effect businesses and how a visit from a dog can boost morale.

Skills Gap for Small Businesses

Levels of unemployment are almost at a record-low. Unfortunately, this news is having a negative impact on almost a quarter of small to medium sized businesses who are now struggling to find skilled employees to join them – and to remain loyal [1].

To keep ahead of the competition, 23% of SMEs have increased wages to retain existing skilled workers and 22% are offering larger salary packages to attract employees.

SMEs are showing resilience by exploring their options to tackle this issue. 42% are investing in training and development programmes to upskill their existing staff.

When World Cup Fever Strikes

Love it or loathe it the World Cup is around the corner. During the months of June and July we’ll start to see a lot more people itching to leave work early and switching screens to keep up to date with the latest results. Now is a good time to decide on your approach to minimise disruption and make the most of the positive impact that large sporting events have on staff morale [2].

Businesses will need to consider whether to provide a formal sporting and special events policy or take a more informal approach where decisions are made on a local level.

Either way, these are the factors which will need addressing:

Taking steps to accommodate the football fans amongst your workforce will have a positive impact and reduce the risk of possible high absenteeism.

Promoting Increased Physical Activity

Monday 14 May 2018 saw the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. The Health Insurance Group is encouraging employers to give their workforce more support to look after their physical health which directly impacts our mental wellbeing [3].

The NHS have announced that being physically active can reduce someone’s risk of depression by up to 30% and recommend that adults should aim to exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.

Organisations can do their bit to help by setting up exercise classes, after-work yoga sessions, lunch-time walking groups and establish inter-departmental sporting events. Non-financial incentives within a company’s Rewards and Benefits package can offer gym memberships, health screening and online health assessments to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Pawsome News

The latest flat screens, a vending machine which dispenses the best cappuccino, the comfiest Bluetooth headsets all go towards our enjoyability in the workplace. But what if the latest must-have in the office was a dog!

It all started with a bring your pet to work day, but now pet-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly common, including large companies such as Google and Amazon [4].

There are many benefits to having pets in the office. Dogs in the workplace have a direct impact on employees by relieving stress, making them feel more relaxed, increasing employee satisfaction and improving morale. The wider benefits for a company include a boost to the company image, increases loyalty, fewer absence days and greater productivity.

However, our furry-friends aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and the disadvantages are the distraction they can cause, possible allergies, potential damage or they could even be a trip hazard.

Just like all incentives in the workplace, everyone’s needs must be respected and taken into consideration.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our news round-up and it has given you plenty to think about. If you need help creating Rewards & Benefits packages, developing a training and development programme or need advice on workplace cultures then please get in touch.

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