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HR News Round-Up February 2018

Posted On: 20/02/2018

It’s been a month of hard knocks for many. Tesco faces a £4bn equal pay claim and few companies have escaped high levels of absenteeism caused by widespread flu. But let’s look positively at the trends that will define recruitment this year and have a peek at what’s hot at this month’s Learning Technologies Conference.

Gender Pay Gap

The Equal Pay Act was introduced nearly 50 years ago, but with the latest findings at Tesco the fight for equal pay is far from won [1].

In this latest case, women on the shop floor claim their work is of equal value to the work fulfilled by men in the warehouse. The law states that a person who has been discriminated against is entitled to up to six years back pay and, without evidence to justify the different rates of pay, Tesco faces a £4 billion claim.

Dealing with Absenteeism

The flu season is truly upon us with predictions for an all-time high this winter [2]. Many businesses have been hit hard with their employees unable to come to work suffering from the ‘Aussie’ flu.

This winter’s outbreak has been especially bad, catching many companies out, witnessing a decrease in productivity and increased pressure on those still at work. But no matter what the latest epidemic, or time of year, it is important to have in place effective absence and return to work policies to set standards. Management need to be sensitive to those members of the workplace who are genuinely off sick, but also need to be vigilant to those who may just be jumping on the ‘flu’ bandwagon.

Recruitment Trends for 2018

Here are 5 key trends businesses need to be aware of which impact the local, and global recruitment markets [3].

  1. HR teams will be focusing heavily on increasing diversity attraction and training, with practices in place to ensure their brand is inclusive to all. 
  2. A strong employer brand is critical to attract passive candidates. Now, more than ever it is important for a business to promote its culture and employee advocacy.
  3. HR teams will have to target previously untapped communities, such as Facebook and Google, as the digital skills gap widens.
  4. Over one million people in the UK are part of the gig economy. HR teams will be challenged to look for new ways to attract potential candidates.
  5. With the introduction of GDPR this May, candidate transparency will be crucial. Companies and their HR teams must ensure they comply with the new law throughout the hiring process.

Learning Technology Exhibition 2018

This exhibition is the largest of its type in Europe and regarded as one of the major workplace learning events in the world [4].

Europe’s leading Learning & Development conference took place at the Excel, London on the 13th and 14th February. It’s so refreshing to see an exhibition centre overflowing with business people excited to learn about new L&D technologies and practices. A successful business understands all too well that their teams must have up to date skills and knowledge to allow them to fulfil their roles.

Seminars addressed L&D topics which all employers face, these included the latest learning technologies, developing high performance teams, coaching and mentoring, assessment and appraisals and leadership development.

The exhibits are so advanced you could be mistaken for walking into a sci-fi convention. The sky is the limit when it comes to workplace development - from E-learning to VR headsets, from simulators to artificial intelligence. So, the key lesson here – invest in your people.

[1] Huffington Post – 07/02/2018

[2] HR News - 13/02/2018

[3] HR News - 08/02/2018


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