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HR News Round-Up August 2020

Posted On: 25/08/2020

Employees and employers alike are still adjusting to a new way of working and facing challenges head on as they arise. It’s no mean feat having to embrace change without being given any option, and we should be congratulating ourselves for doing so.

This News Roundup has a different feel to ones in the past and covers some topics unheard of at the beginning of the year. In just a few months – a blink of an eye – tech has increased, new policies have been introduced, office layouts have changed and the way we conduct our entire lives is now unrecognisable. 

Well done to all businesses and workforces who have taken on these challenges and remember we’re here to help you move forward.

Mental health post Covid-19 

The impact of our mental health is still unclear as so many people have dealt with the emotional effects of being furloughed, supporting others through this crisis, not having contact with others, or even taking on a new key role to keep the country going. [1]

Natalie Rogers, Unum HR Director says; “The thought of returning to the office, getting back on public transport, or coming off furlough could be overwhelming. They are likely to experience a whole range of emotions from excitement and optimism to anger and anxiety”.

Here are some tips to support your employees:

Furloughed employees and redundancy

To further support employees who find themselves in the unfortunate position of losing their job, the government has announced that from 31 July employees who have been on furlough will be entitled to redundancy pay based on their usual wages. [2]

This also prevents employers from taking advantage of the furloughed scheme and basing redundancy pay on furlough rates.

However, everything possible should be done to prevent redundancies, for example, businesses could ask employees to change roles for a period of time and help out in the areas of the business that need more support.

New points-based immigration framework for 1 January 2021

The changes that Brexit will bring to the workplace have been diluted by the global pandemic, but we mustn’t take our eye off the Brexit-ball.

In July, the government released further details on the future immigration system. [3]

What businesses should be doing now:

Return to work planning

With so many priorities, the return to work planning itself can bring about many challenges. To help you and your employees, we’ve detailed the main areas your organisation should be focussing on [4]:

Has working from home been a pain for your employees? 

Following a study carried out by Bupa, a staggering 11 million employees are suffering from aches and pains due to home working.

Fingers crossed employees will slowly start to return to their place of work, but this pandemic has certainly made many business owners realise that agile working is the future. With this in mind, and the growing number of people who may now work from home more than they used to, their health must become a priority.

Organisations such as Bupa have provided online information for ergonomics and suitable layouts for working from home. Its good practice to research this subject and share your findings with those working from home. You can also think about including physio services in your benefits packages and offering a virtual workstation assessment.

We’re Here To Help 

If you require any HR support during this challenging time, please get in touch with our team of HR professionals on 0161 941 2426. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you of our HR Advice Line service, if this is something you think you’d benefit from let us know.


[1] HR News

[2] HR Review

[3] Personnel Today

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