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HR News Round-Up

Posted On: 13/02/2017

It’s been a busy week in the world of HR. Read more about the stories that have been causing debate and discussion in the P3 People Management office this week:


Auto-enrolment review for seasonal workers

The Financial Times

Under the Pensions Act 2008, employers are obliged to automatically enrol eligible workers in a pension fund and make contributions to it. However, the government has now confirmed that it will review the position of seasonal workers for auto-enrolment. The review was called for by The National Farmers’ Union and the CBI, who claim that auto-enrolment is a burden on farmers and others businesses that employ seasonal and casual workers and that it also provides little or no benefit to the employee.

While the review is a triumph for those businesses that employ seasonal workers, former pensions minister Steve Webb has brandished the action a “backwards step”. As many UK workers are already excluded from auto-enrolment due to their age or income, the review has raised concerns that pensions will become even more complex for UK workers. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on auto-enrolment: let us know on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.


Candidate rejected for role via text and emoji

HR Grapevine

We were incredibly saddened to read the story that a young student was turned down for a role at a branch of Miller & Carter via text message. Not only is rejecting a candidate via text extremely unprofessional, but the message also included the ‘crying with laughter’ emoji when describing the candidate as “not engaging” and providing “basic” answers. Providing candidates and employees with constructive feedback is incredibly important, however this employer delivered the news in a completely inappropriate manner. On top of this, the use of the emoji implies that the employer was mocking the young candidate.

Regardless of whether they have been successful or not, employers must treat all prospective candidates with a fair and professional attitude. Stories such as this are prime examples of HR and recruitment mistakes, and we hope we don’t see another soon!


Why we don't like receiving feedback

People Management

And speaking of providing employees and candidates with feedback, we found People Management’s latest blog on business leaders’ inability to accept and learn from feedback a really interesting read. Penned by leadership expert Fiona McKay, the article looks at why even the most senior business leaders don’t like receiving feedback or even giving it to their employees.

Firstly, the biggest preconception among businesses is that receiving feedback is a negative experience. On the contrary: feedback should be viewed as a valuable opportunity to learn and develop in the workplace. Feedback also provides business leaders with the chance to bond with staff, and better get to know their ambitions and thoughts and feelings about working in the business. Feedback is an important aspect of employee development and should be approached by members of staff with positivity.


Stay tuned to our blog for more of the latest news from the world of HR and see what else we’re talking about on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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