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Posted On: 03/03/2017

It’s been another week of interesting news and insights from the world of HR. Here’s a handful of those stories that have got everyone in the P3 People Management offices talking this week.


Which professions work the most unpaid overtime?

HR Grapevine

Ah, that dreaded overtime. Across most industries, overtime is unavoidable to get things done and meet tight deadlines. According to research by TUC, employees are completing £33.6 billion worth of unpaid work each year. There are also stats reported by The Mirror that over 5.3 million employees work an extra 7.7 hours each week without pay, amounting to approximately £6,301 over the year. The article contains a list of the top roles when it comes to overtime – here are the top five including the amount of unpaid hours worked per week:

  1. CEOs – 13.2
  2. Teaching and educational professionals – 12.1
  3. Finance institution managers – 11.3
  4. Productions managers – 10.3
  5. Functional managers – 10.0


Job loyalty costing Millennials a 15 per cent pay rise

HR Magazine

Think tank Resolution Foundation undermines assumptions that Millennials job hop more than older workers. According to its Study, Work, Progress, Repeat report, younger employees are missing out on pay rises of up to 15 per cent by staying with their current employers and that someone born in the mid-80s is half as likely to move job at the age of 25 as someone born a decade earlier. Senior policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation, Laura Gardiner commented that these findings are particularly damaging given this is an age when workers are likely to get the biggest pay rises.

The report also revealed a significant reduction in incremental pay rises, with millennials no longer rewarded for their loyalty. Gardiner said: “It used to be that when you stayed with your employer for more than five years around the age of 30 you would get a pay rise of about 4 per cent a year – now you get around zero in real terms.”


Revealed: The perfect cover letter that will land you your dream job

Daily Mail

We all know that an excellent cover letter can prove to be the golden ticket in getting your much-desired role. However, selling yourself on just one piece of paper can prove to be a tough task. Luckily, associate director of Michael Page Human Resources, Jake Bradley, offers his top tips in this article on how to create the perfect cover letter, which include:

  1. Address to the contact. It’s always worth addressing the contact who’s mentioned in the job advert and quoting the right reference. This not only ensures your application is processed by the right person, but it adds a personal touch that will get you noticed for the right reasons.
  2. Talk about your current situation. It’s important to outline your current job situation and why you are searching for new opportunities. This will allow employers to gain context at a glance, without having to trawl through your CV.
  3. Check everything! Make sure you spend time checking your letter for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

A piece of advice from the P3PM team is to read your cover letter out loud to make sure the sentences are brief and concise and that the tone is just right so that it’s engaging and conveys your personality.


Firm laid our son off, so we bought it and rehired him


Today’s job market can be tough, but one lucky 23-year-old managed to hold onto his job and it’s all thanks to his parents. When car spray-painter Tom Maunder was made redundant his mum and dad came to the rescue and actually bought the car body repairs firm, which had gone under and was forced to lay off all of its staff. With no previous experience, the couple took over all of the assets, formed a new company called Scuffed Up, and, most importantly, wasted no time in rehiring their son as a spray-painter. Mrs Maunder said: “We put in a modest bid for the business which we thought would be rejected but, lo and behold, it was accepted. My husband taught some painting at a local college – apart from that we knew very little about spray painting. But we are slowly getting there.” We wish the Maunder family the very best of luck!


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