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How To Maintain Staffing Levels During Summer Holiday Season

Posted On: 07/06/2019

The first day of summer is within touching distance.  A time for ice-cream, festivals, outdoor movies, cosy drinks on your patio and even the boss doesn’t look so stern wearing a short-sleeved shirt.  And let’s not forget the long-awaited summer holiday!

As employees head off to the sun for a week or two during the 6-week school break their employers are faced with an arduous challenge.  Obviously, organisations want to accommodate everyone’s annual leave request, but they also have to think about staffing levels and the impact to customers.  It can be a tough time if not handled well.

Ensure you have a detailed policy in place

For complete transparency and to make the annual leave system fair you need to have a detailed policy in place.  The content should provide clarity and avoid any confusion by including:

Create a shared schedule

Most employees will have an idea of the week or weeks they would like to take off over the summer.  It makes it easier for your staff to find a time to suit both themselves and the company if they can see when others have requested time off. 

This has the added benefit of employees more likely to sort out any possible conflict themselves without the need for management to get involved.

Plan ahead

Managing annual leave requests during busy spells is always going to be a challenge; if you fail to plan you could end up upsetting staff and hurting your business.  Here’s what we suggest you do to keep a happy medium this summer:

What to do if conflict arises

There will always be instances when an employee is not able to take the days off they would like.  A company should recognise this sacrifice by offering a reward; this could be giving priority to next summer’s holidays or let them leave early on a less busy day to say thank you.

Consider Seasonal hiring

If your company sees an increase in customer volume during the summer it may be wise to consider seasonal hiring. 

Ice-creams and ice-lollies

To motivate staff working in a hot office while their colleagues are posting pictures of themselves on a beach on Instagram is great for engagement – consider providing ice-lollies or even a visit from an ice-cream van.  You never know, the ones remaining in the office may post pictures of them with their free treats to show that they are being well-looked after.  What better way to showcase your workplace culture! 

We’re Here To Help 

If you need help creating an annual leave policy, implementing a database or would like support over conflict in the workplace contact our friendly team of HR professionals on 0161 941 2426.

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